Lace Leaf Maple

Lace leaf maple before spring pruning

April is a great time to do detailed pruning on Lace Leaf Maples (Acer dissectum).  Its important to wait until the new leaves have hardened up but once they do its time to reveal the beautiful trunk structure of the tree.  I always save a few branches for vases  because the leaves are so beautiful this time of year before the sun and hot weather of summer take their toll. This is the first spring pruning for the maple in these pictures. Unlike many lace leaf maples this one is very compact so I have been careful to reveal just the right amount of trunk so it does not look so “busy” inside.  The long term goal for this tree is to reduce the clutter of branches as well as replant the tree so the crown of the trunk is not buried so deep in the ground.

Lace leaf maple after spring pruning


California spring rains. Unusual and lovely with all the new bright green grown.  I will be rubbing off new buds of my curly willow so I don’t have to prune them off later.  The tree will self prune if I don’t and I may loose some new branches that I might want to keep. Such a wild and crazy tree! I love it.